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Lanit-Tercom – Microsoft Certified Partner

May 5, 2009 - St Petersburg, Russia - Lanit-Tercom is delighted to announce that it has become an official 2009/2010 Microsoft Certified Partner. The status of Microsoft Certified Partner is given...

The new development made for Hewlett-Packard

The project was implemented in the IT Research Institute of the St. Petersburg State University Software Engineering Department that has won a grant from Hewlett-Packard within the framework of...

Lanit-Tercom participated in the RIGHT seminar

Lanit-Tercom took part in the seminar that was held on April 20, 2007 in Lappeenranta University, Finland as a member of Scandinavian Group. The University and South-Carelia...

Professor's Terekhov presentation at SEAFOOD conference, Switzerland

February, 5-6 Lanit-Tercom took part in international SEAFOOD conference (Software Engineering Approaches for Offshore and Outsourced Development) in Zurich, Switzerland (...

Lanit-Tercom took part in Finnish IT Security Show

Saint Petersburg, February, 7 Lanit-Tercom took part in Finnish IT Security Show. This event gathered Russian and Finnish IT companies working in security area. Show’s organizers...