Information/Computer security (Hardware, Software)

Information/Computer security (Hardware, Software)

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Our competency center designs piracy-proof software security systems, analyzes the security in place for information systems and mobile apps, and fortifies information systems against hacks and thefts of confidential information.


Piracy-proofing software:

  • Implementing licensing policies
  • Protecting against piracy and breaches of licensing programs (using software and hardware keys)
  • Evaluating the risk of being hacked


Program comprehension and reverse engineering to:

  • restore source code and documentation
  • restore software working algorithm
  • check for bugs and errors (additional functionality)
  • correct errors in software (create patches)


Protect software from reverse engineering:

  • increase hacking «costs». Finding compromise between security and performance 
  • hardware protection from hacking, recording key code parts on separate processing modules


OS performance monitoring on core level using virtualization technology. Monitoring code execution in OS to:

  • identify bottlenecks in software performance and profile performance
  • protect software from «rootkits» (hidden surveillance software)
  • execute critical functions in protected environment


Audit of the stability of systems in terms of safety and security of:

  • enterprise information systems, including document management systems
  • E-banking systems
  • automatic systems of manufacture control
  • critical modules, such as driver
  • mobile applications
  • websites
  • identification of weak spots in server scripts, client scripts and server settings


  • C/C++, Assembler
  • Decompilers
  • HASP, eToken
  • iOS, Android, Windows, Linux