IT-solutions for Your Business

Lanit-Tercom is a leading Russian producer of software and hardware solutions with long experience in the IT industry. The company is able not only to fulfill industrial contracts, but also to carry out challenging science-intensive programming projects.
What sets us apart from other Russian software companies is that we provide a wide range of unique services ranging from the development of software/ hardware complexes, to the re-engineering of system software and electronic equipment, to IT consulting and ODC setup.
Among our clients are large-scale Russian companies and customers from USA and European countries (Denmark, Germany, Finland, Sweden and France).

Our clients

Our customers are located around the world:

At the end of November, a Lanit-Tercom delegation visited the leading universities and IT companies in Azerbaijan.

04 December 2019

Long-awaited Software Engineering Conference Russia, or SECR 2019, was finally held in St. Petersburg on November 14-15.

25 November 2019