Lanit-Tercom to welcome Danish Enterprise Management Club

Lanit-Tercom to welcome Danish Enterprise Management Club

October, 2 2009, St Petersburg, Russia – Lanit-Tercom was proud to meet the members of the Enterprise Management Club (Denmark) during their 4-days visit to Russia. Executives of the leading Danish companies like Capinordic Bank, Nykredit Bank, Danish Shipovners Association, COVI Consult, Metroservice A/S and others came to the Lanit-Tercom headquarters.

The relationships of Lanit-Tercom with Danish IT companies are historically strong and successful. It is important to say that this visit is not the very first considerable Russian-Danish event on the IT-market. Lanit-Tercom CEO, Andrey Terekhov, has already given several interviews to the Danish magazines organized by Lanit-Tercom European representatives.

The group of Danish businessmen had the opportunity to see the everyday work of the Russian IT-company, meet the employees and executives and understand the way we operate with the international customers. The main idea of the meeting with Mr. Terekhov was to present Russia as the reliable business partner for the European community.

Mr. Terekhov spoke about the bright details of the Lanit-Tercom foundation, current progress and future plans – all these was to set a good example of Russian company, eager to work in the European market on the equal conditions with the EU representatives.

“What I wanted to make clear was our (Russian) willingness to be full members of the European business community. We do not need any exceptions or privileges. We want to work on a common basis but in the same time provide some extra-services, e.g. implement science-intensive programming projects that require strong mathematical background and can not be done by developers from other European countries” – commented Andrey Terekhov, Lanit-Tercom, CEO.