Seoul Business Week 2015: A meeting place for the Russian and South Korean IT industries

Seoul Business Week 2015: A meeting place for the Russian and South Korean IT industries

Lanit-Tercom participated in Seoul Business Week 2015 – a large-scale Russo-Korean event that brought together over 500 delegates from the fields of science and commerce. Company COO Vladimir Ufnarovsky was part of a joint delegation from innovation center Skolkovo (RVC) that visited Seoul, South Korea at the beginning of September.

The Russian delegation took part in an intensive program of meetings with potential partners and investors from Korean companies, a round table with businesspeople, a conference and seminars.

Lanit-Tercom presented their technology solutions to Seoul Business Week visitors In the exhibition space: the Virtual Panoramic Elevator system, which gives any elevator cabin a panoramic view, even inside buildings, and apps for virtual reality headset Fibrum, compatible with smartphones running iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The content demonstrated included several game apps where characters’ actions are controlled by the player’s head movements.

The final day of the week featured a seminar on international cooperation, involving representatives of Korean company Samsung. Businesspeople from Russia gave technical presentations about their companies and projects. Possible collaborative contact points to develop mobile technologies and apps for open source operating system Tizen, supported by Samsung, were also identified. Lanit-Tercom is actively working with this platform. Recent developments include an app for Tizen watches to play tennis. Using the app, watch owners can monitor their game, analyze the quality of their shot, number of serves, and much more.

For Lanit-Tercom, the business week in Seoul turned out to be intense, productive and very promising. The Asian IT industry showed great willingness to work together in the field of innovative technologies and software development.

On the outcome of the visit to Seoul, Vladimir Ufnarovsky said: “The South Korean market remains attractive, in spite of the negative impact of the crisis in China that dealt a serious blow to the country’s economy. During the business week, several useful meetings were held to agree development and planning strategies with our existing Korean partners”.