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Трейлер к фильму "Профессор Терехов: программирование как образ жизни"

How AR helps students explore culture and history

Lanit-Tercom Italia and the Italian startup Augmented.City have launched an educational project in augmented reality about the history and culture of the city of Bari. Together with the Istituto...

Gazprom Neft Launches Into Commercial Operation The Digital Twin Of Seismic Exploration

Gazprom Neft, together with Lanit-Tercom (part of the Lanit group), has developed a digital platform to improve the efficiency of seismic exploration in oil fields. The program includes...

LANIT-TERCOM is going to support information systems of the largest settlement organization in the field of housing and communal services in Saint-Petersburg

LANIT-TERCOM will provide comprehensive servicing of automated information systemsof the city level of the computing center for collective use "Zhilischnoye hoziaystvo". The company's specialists...

Gazprom Neft and LANIT-TERCOM have developed a virtual platform for core researchers

Gazprom Neft and LANIT-TERKOM (part of the LANIT group) have created a virtual platform for online monitoring of laboratory studies of core...

Marat Nemeshev told how adaptive e-learning helps to adapt to a new reality and remote work

Marat Nemeshev, Director of the Digital Solutions Department of LANIT-TERCOM, spoke at the AmCham St. Petersburg...